Regional identity and its protection on the example of the Valencian Autonomous Community


regional identity
autonomous community
language policy
media system


The article systematizes the knowledge about the Valencian Autonomous Community and the activities of its authorities in the field of language policy. The author has reviewed the legal solutions strengthening the status of a regional language in public space and discussed the main laws that emphasize the importance of the language as a cultural heritage of Valencia. The article also presents statistical data on the situation and ways of using the language by the inhabitants of Valencia. The last part of the article discusses the Valencian-language media market. The regional government financially supports the presence of the language in public space. The position of the Valencian language remains constant, albeit low, both among the population and in the media. Therefore, the subsidies proposed by the government of the Valencian Community should change this situation and strengthen the presence of the Valencian language among the population of the region.