Andrzej Dwojnych, Rafał Łętocha, W stronę Królestwa Bożego na ziemi. Myśl społeczno-polityczna mariawitów polskich, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, Kraków 2021, pp. 422



The study of Mariavitism, both in terms of history and doctrine, is a particularly scarce phenomenon if we contrast it with the scholarly literature dedicated to other trends of Christianity. Polish researchers, in particular historians, sociologists, religious scholars and political scientists, obviously devote most attention to Roman Catholicism. However, in recent years they have also extended their attentions to minority trends, especially Orthodoxy, Pentecostalism, Baptism, Lutheranism, Adventism and Methodism, to which numerous monographs and scientific articles have been devoted. It is worth considering for what reason Mariavitism is somewhat on the sidelines. As an unmistakably Polish phenomenon (and one that originated on Polish soil, which makes it unique, bearing in mind that the Polish National Catholic Church was founded in the USA), it should, after all, be more interesting than, for example, ‘imported’ Protestant denominations.