Roma – a nation without a country
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Romani institutions


The aim of this article is to search for an answer to the question whether the Roma can be considered as a nation? It is not an easy task, as they have never seen them in national terms. After leaving India become cosmopolitans. they have their own culture, language, origin and traditions. Moreover, are equipped anthem and national flag. ere are, however, the country in which it could waved. In this article, reference is made to the definition of the nation, and analyzed the distinguishing features of the Roma as a community or their history, origin, language, endoetnonim, institutions, national symbols, and issues concerning their own state. is is an extremely important issue not only for the growing intelligence of the Roma, but for the whole of their community. Being a nation reinforces the bond and identity and makes it easier to fight for the rights of the Roma scattered throughout the world.

PDF (Język Polski)