From Carmen to Gypsy disco polo: the Gypsy myth in the modern European musical culture
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Gypsy myth


It can be claimed that modern European musical culture contributed to the crystallization and dissemination of a certain stereotype of a Gypsy person, and contributed to the creation of the highly romanticised Gypsy myth. The author of the paper – Anna G. Piotrowska, shows how 19th century operas, operettas or instrumental works helped to propagate the image of the stereotyped Gypsy, and ventures to prove that also pop music heavily draws on the same stereotype. Of special interest for her is Polish 20th and 21st century situation where conventionalized picture of Gypsies was conveyed and even a subgenre called Gypsy disco polo emerged. The author summarizes her observations by defining these specific features attributed to the widely understood ‘Gypsyness’ that assure its popularity in the realm of musical culture.

PDF (Język Polski)