Social Exclusion versus Culture – Determinants of Romani settlement Dwellers’ Social behaviour. Research project


Romani national minority
Social exclusion
Romani segregated communities


This contribution deals with scientific goals for whole period of this project, its characteristic, realisation outputs and output user and description of applied methods and their explanation. Stereotypes and prejudices against differences, nations and national minorities are spread in lay society and they are supported by massmedial campaign and society accepts them as the fact and the true. Long time period of spreading these prejudices can lead to ascribe individual negatives to specific group of people or minority of people. A lot of negative characters (laziness, crime and misusing of the social system, etc.) are ascribed to “Romany” or to inhabitants from settlements. We try to show if these differences are cultural or if the reason of these social pathological phenomenon is Romani’s‘ expulsion of the society. We can become society where every individual will feel like an equal human being only in case we all will cooperate together. Society must be built on principles where every person knows differences and understands them. Information and knowledge about individual cultures has a strong influence on forming attitudes and opinions. is is important when we want to remove negative stereotypes and intercultural interactions. It is not easy to accept different cultural traditions and to open our heart and mind for other people. is is the long time process and this process is not always successful. But it is the start of long process which will lead to mutual understanding, better coexistence and better every day life.