“Under cover of tourism...”. Observations and analysis of the Passport Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as a complementary policy of religious PRL
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Passport Office
religious politics
Roman Catholic Church
Lutheran Church
religious minorities
Federal Republic of Germany


Design and implementation of tasks PRL religious policy required many specific actions and supporting the work of the Office for Religious Affairs, the security apparatus and specialized agencies of the PZPR. The article discusses the work of the Passport Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as an institution supporting centers of power system operations. Presented source material relates to the observation of behavior West “religious tourists” coming to Polish in the mid-70s of the last century. Conclusions formulated by the Passport Office led to increased surveillance Polish religious organizations and individuals representing them if there were any signs of their interaction with the citizens of Germany. They also led to a negative perception of the People’s Republic of total foreign makers of religious organizations. In these circumstances, lasting ended a period of nearly 20 years of government policy to support the expansion of Polish actors confessional contacts with their foreign partners.

PDF (Język Polski)