Review of Nationalities

Current Issue

No 10 (2020)
Published May 19, 2021

Przegląd Narodowościowy – Review of Nationalities is a yearbook published by the Research Unit for National and Ethnic Minorities of the Institute of Political Science and Public Administration, University of Zielona Góra (Poland). National issues are presented from the point of view of different disciplines. The publications focus on issues of nations, national and ethnic minorities, national, cultural and ethnic identity theories. An important element is also the problem of so-called minority churches and religious associations. These issues are presented in a broadly understood political analysis, taking into account, in the subjective and objective aspects, its relations with such disciplines of science as international relations, history, philosophy, sociology, law, anthropology, fine arts and sciences: linguistics, demography. Language of publication: English. The journal does not have article processing charges (APCs) nor article submission charges.


Matt Qvortrup
Referendums, democracy and separatism
Alberto G. Ibáñez
Nationalism and right to secession: New states, identities and global security
Richard C. Box
Authoritarian populism in the US: context and continuity in a post-truth era
Marcin Pomarański
How does secessionism end? No-win scenarios for contemporary American secessionist movements
Javier Antón Merino
The rise of independence feelings in Catalonia and Scotland. A longitudinal study on the profile of independence in the beginning of the 21st century
Filip Kubiaczyk
Spain, La Roja, and the forging of the nation: truth or fiction?
Ryabinin Yevgeny
Hungary’s and Romania’s exogenous influence on separatism processes in Ukraine
Wioletta Husar-Poliszuk
The position of the Spanish monarchy and Catalan separatism in the 21st century
Ángel Rivero
The new Catalan nationalism
Dagmara Głuszek-Szafraniec
Regional identity and its protection on the example of the Valencian Autonomous Community
Rozalia Sasor
The historical background of Catalan separatism: The case of Occitania
Agnieszka Graczyk
Atheism and the changing image of Islam in Iraq
Dorota Szaban, Piotr Michalak
When Ukrainian migrant meets a Polish official.: Implementing migration policy in the opinions of temporary economic migrants from Ukraine in Poland in a neo-institutional perspective
Zhan Toshchenko
Trauma societies and their characteristics: Between evolution and revolution
Marcin Pisarski
What is the contemporary political myth?
Krzysztof Kaczmarek
Protection status of the Sami identity in Finland in the first years after accession
Jan Wójcik
Sovereignty of Member States in New European Pact for Migration and Asylum
Beata Springer
The Free State of Bavaria – between Christianization and secularism
Tomasz Kołodziej
Police in the nation state – an apolitical and independent institution?
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